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W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC

Zoetica Environmental Research Services is a full spectrum environmental consulting firm, with in-house expertise in Terrestrial Sciences, Environmental Impact Assessment, Biostatistics, Land Use, Toxicology, and TK. Zoetica also consists of ZoeticaNet Associates in Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, Engineering, Statistics, Planning, Mapping, Social Scientists (the Human Environment), and Legal Information Providers (Aboriginal and Environmental Lawyers) . When you hire Zoetica on a project, you get the added bonus of having your project hosted on and being provided free access to the ZoeticaNet system and online boardroom. This new project management system allows you, and us, to work together on joint documents, track the progress of your project, assign tasks and milestones, and to access expert feedback and advice, and to share information in real-time. Over 249 senior-level scientists at the forefront of their disciplines are now signed up with the ZoeticaNet system, giving us ease of access to the leading experts in over 28 disciplines. Zoetica also enables you to solicit answers from the leading experts across disciplines from the comfort of your own home via the ZOETICANET question and answer system. 



Good ideas and collaborations form naturally when smart people talk, and we've facilitated this sort of environment through our online teams behind the scenes at ZoeticaNet. We've done something else though; we've created a business that generates profits and drives solutions-based science. We have no doubt that questions and answers will turn into ideas for research, and partner scientists will start working together on larger projects. If you are a partner or associate of Zoetica, you are eligible for all grants produced by Zoetica profits, and announced on this page.

Check back as we announce new grants available to Zoetica partners. To access available grants, once they are announced, you just have to convince us that you have an idea, invention, business, communication tool, or research project that will directly benefit the environment. Please note that we will not respond to unsolicited proposals or requests for grant money prior to the release of a grant that can be applied for. Grants will be announced on this page as they come available, and we will consider applications only between the dates indicated for the grant advertised. 

1. Zoetica Community Research Support Grant ($5,000 Value)

Congratulations! Winners have been chosen...keep checking back for new grants!