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Zoetica Environmental Research Services is a full spectrum environmental consulting firm, with in-house expertise in Terrestrial Sciences, Environmental Impact Assessment, Biostatistics, Land Use, Toxicology, and TK. Zoetica also consists of ZoeticaNet Associates in Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, Engineering, Statistics, Planning, Mapping, Social Scientists (the Human Environment), and Legal Information Providers (Aboriginal and Environmental Lawyers) . When you hire Zoetica on a project, you get the added bonus of having your project hosted on and being provided free access to the ZoeticaNet system and online boardroom. This new project management system allows you, and us, to work together on joint documents, track the progress of your project, assign tasks and milestones, and to access expert feedback and advice, and to share information in real-time. Over 249 senior-level scientists at the forefront of their disciplines are now signed up with the ZoeticaNet system, giving us ease of access to the leading experts in over 28 disciplines. Zoetica also enables you to solicit answers from the leading experts across disciplines from the comfort of your own home via the ZOETICANET question and answer system. 


Third Party Reviews

Zoetica conducts third party reviews of major projects on behalf of Aboriginal clients. The main purpose of these third party reviews is to empower the Aboriginal group to have their voices heard. Zoetica has ample experience working with Aboriginal groups in BC, the northern Territories, and Saskatchewan and empowers groups in three main ways: 

1)      Interpreting science used in environmental impact assessments, and supporting documents, in everyday language, and advising clients as to what the methodology and results mean relative to Aboriginal concerns;

2)      Reviewing documents for flaws in methodology, gaps in information, oversights/errors, and project issues that may violate current environmental Acts, and which may threaten the Rights and Title of an Aboriginal client; and

3)      Ensuring that concerns of Aboriginal clients are heard, reflected in documents and plans, and that adequate science, mitigation, management, monitoring plans, risk-management, and emergency response plans are in place to protect our clients.



SAMPLE PROJECT 1: Technical Reviews for Mining Projects in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut (High Lake, Back River, Hope Bay)


Zoetica has been retained by the KIA as a technical reviewer of Environmental Impact Assessment, Mitigation and Management Plans, and Monitoring plans. Zoetica has an ongoing role as a primary reviewer for projects that occur within the Kitikmeot region and that may affect the land use values and economic benefits of the region. Dr. Bears began working with the KIA in 2007/2008, when she provided a technical review for the potential impacts of the High Lake project on marine and terrestrial wildlife and associated habitat. Following this review, Dr. Bears participated in meetings and technical hearings that resulted in required modifications to aspects of the project design and requirements for additional research to support the project. In 2011, Dr. Bears was again retained by the KIA to lead a team of technical experts in reviews of the Hope Bay mining project. In this role, Dr. Bears reviewed all technical documents, including amendments to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), monitoring reports, site design changes, as well as discipline-specific reports. Dr. Bears provided technical reviews for the terrestrial and wildlife documents, and managed and compiled reviews from other experts from complimenting disciplines, including fisheries, hydrogeology, water quality, soils, air quality, eco-toxicology, and socio-economics, to support multidisciplinary reviews. In 2012, she expanded her role for the KIA to include the orchestration of a group of seven multidisciplinary scientists for reviews of EIS-related documents for Sabina's Back River Project on behalf of the KIA. This work is ongoing. 

Technical Meetings and Pre-hearing Conference as Park for the Draft Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the Back River Project

Technical Meetings and Pre-hearing Conference as Park for the Draft Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the Back River Project

SAMPLE PROJECT 2: Technical Reviews for Mining Projects in the Qikiqtani Region of Nunavut

Zoetica has been retained by the Qikiqtani Inuit Association to lead the reviews of an exploration project to the west of the Mary River Iron mine. Zoetica is review all documents and plans related to the project, including the security cost estimate and closure and reclamation plan in conjunction with SRK Consulting. The results of this review will inform the conditions of the QIA’s Land Lease agreement with the company.

SAMPLE PROJECT 3: Technical Reviews of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (TMX), Kinder Morgan

Metro Vancouver: Zoetica was contracted by Metro Vancouver  to undertake technical reviews and to produce a report supporting evidence submissions for Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project TMX), being reviewed as part of the National Energy Board (NEB) process. Zoetica produce a 130 page report highlighting key topics, including: sensitive ecosystems and species potentially impacted by the project, construction and operation-related impacts, spill-related impacts, potential seismic-related impacts, cumulative impacts to the marine environment,  and monitoring methods. Zoetica also produced an independent review of the toxicity of a diluted bitumen spill to salmon, and provided a critique of assumptions and interpretations in the TMX Environmental Risk Assessment on this topic. 

New Westminster: Zoetica partnered with Diamondhead Consulting and was contracted by the City of New Westminster  to produce Information Requests (IRs) and to help the City in their preparation of evidence for Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project. Dr. Bears of Zoetica was also invited to speak as a panelist at the City of New Westminster's Townhall meeting for public questions and comments about the project. Zoetica and Diamondhead were responsible for reviewing documents provided by Kinder Morgan, and for determining potential environmental, health and safety, land use, and social impacts of the project on the City of New Westminster. 

SAMPLE PROJECT 4: Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project, MOTI

Historic Pattullo Bridge, New Westminster

Historic Pattullo Bridge, New Westminster

Zoetica is working on behalf of the City of New Westminster in the Environmental Assessment of the Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project. The project requires engagement with multiple stakeholders, including: other municipalities, Transport Canada, Vancouver Port Authority, FLNRORD, DFO, First Nations, TransLink, and Health Canada. Our role has been to assist the City in fully participating in the EIA process through a coordinated Provincial- Federal review process through the BC EAO. Zoetica is ensuring that environmental, health, social, and economic impacts from the project are being captured and mitigated using best practices. Further, Zoetica is ensuring that feedback from various stakeholders is reflected in the final plan.

SAMPLE PROJECT 5: Technical Reviews for the North Slave Métis Alliance (NSMA), NWT

Bison picture.jpg

The Tłı̨chǫ All Season Road is a 94 km, two-lane road to connect the existing Highway 3 and the community of Whatì proposed by the Government of Northwest Territories. Zoetica has completed a review of the Adequacy Statement Response (ASR), Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plan (WMMP), and Wildlife Effects Monitoring Plan (WEMP) which form part of the Developer’s Assessment Report submitted to the MVEIRB. Zoetica has completed this review on behalf of the NSMA with a focus on ungulates such as boreal caribou, barren ground caribou, wood bison, and moose. We have reviewed the draft ASR, WMMP, and WEMP documents, submitted information requests, conducted literature reviews, and completed a detailed technical review of the responses provided by GNWT and the new updated WMMP. We have also attended all hearings and will continue to assist with this project as it progresses through the EA process. Revisions made by Golder Associates in response to our technical review will help to improve the accuracy of the final ASR, ensure protective mitigation, and create effective monitoring plans for wildlife.

SAMPLE PROJECT 6: Technical Reviews of the Federal Government’s Ship Source Spill Risk Model Methodology

Zoetica was retained by the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance to review proposed case study models proposed by the Federal Government for informing ship-based spill risk in the Pacific Region. Zoetica reviewed the proposed methodology to produce updated “risk” heat maps to facilitate an update of the Federal Government’s ship-based spill program, to bring spill risks to acceptable levels through additional mitigation and protection. Zoetica found several technical issues with the models, such as the use of a retrospective analysis rather than integrating an increase in marine ship traffic, granularity issues with model parameters, and a lack of detail as to how First Nation values would be incorporated into models.

SAMPLE PROJECT 7: Reviews of and Suggested Updates to the Fisheries Act and Navigation Protection Act

Zoetica was retained by the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance to review proposed changes to the Fisheries Act and Navigation Protection Act. Zoetica’s technical and legal comments on required updates to these Acts were tabled before the House of Commons, and many suggested changes have been integrated into formal recommendations made to the Crown for needed updates to legislation.