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Vancouver, BC

Zoetica Environmental Research Services is a full spectrum environmental consulting firm, with in-house expertise in Terrestrial Sciences, Environmental Impact Assessment, Biostatistics, Land Use, Toxicology, and TK. Zoetica also consists of ZoeticaNet Associates in Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, Engineering, Statistics, Planning, Mapping, Social Scientists (the Human Environment), and Legal Information Providers (Aboriginal and Environmental Lawyers) . When you hire Zoetica on a project, you get the added bonus of having your project hosted on and being provided free access to the ZoeticaNet system and online boardroom. This new project management system allows you, and us, to work together on joint documents, track the progress of your project, assign tasks and milestones, and to access expert feedback and advice, and to share information in real-time. Over 249 senior-level scientists at the forefront of their disciplines are now signed up with the ZoeticaNet system, giving us ease of access to the leading experts in over 28 disciplines. Zoetica also enables you to solicit answers from the leading experts across disciplines from the comfort of your own home via the ZOETICANET question and answer system. 




Project Experience


British Columbia                              

  • Coastal Riparian Plant ID Guide for BC Environmental Farm Plan (BC Ministry of Agriculture)- Southwest Coastal BC

  • Kootenay Riparian Plant ID Guide for BC Environmental Farm Plan (BC Ministry of Agriculture)- Southeast Kootenays BC

  • Interior Riparian Plant ID Guide for BC Environmental Farm Plan (BC Ministry of Agriculture)- Interior BC

  • Inland Northeast Riparian Plant ID Guide for BC Environmental Farm Plan (BC Ministry of Agriculture)- Northeast BC

  • Northern Riparian Plant ID Guide for BC Environmental Farm Plan (BC Ministry of Agriculture)- Northwest BC

  • Lentic Riparian Health Guide for BC Environmental Farm Plan (BC Ministry of Agriculture)- Across BC

  • Reeves Slough Ethnobotany Report (Kwikwetlem First Nation)- City of Port Coquitlam

  • Standing Offer Agreement for Technical Support for 3 Nations Society for Wildlife Inventory and Management (Tahltan, Kaska, Tlingit) - NW BC

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Telecommunications Towers (Rogers) - Bulkley River/Moricetown

  • Review of Fisheries Act (LLFA)- Across Canada

  • Work Program for Fraser Richmond Soil and Fibre Waste to Energy Project (FRSF)- Richmond

  • Analysis and Paper on Marbled Murrelet Bycatch Risk (ECCC) - BC

  • Township of Langley Ecosystem Asset Inventory (Langley Township)

  • Regional Climate Change Planning and Adaptation Project (LFFA) - Lower Fraser River and Surrounding Areas

  • Pattullo Bridge Replacement ESIA (City of New Westminster/Translink) - Lower Fraser River

  • Burno Aggregate Mine (Burnco/Squamish Nation)- Roosevelt Elk Compensation Habitat Use Monitoring Plan

  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas Mapping and Recommendations for the Official Community Plan (OCP)(with Diamond Head Consulting) - City of Langley.

  • Review of Regulatory and Legal changes to the Navigation Protection Act (NPA) from the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) (on behalf of 30 First Nations of the Lower Fraser River) - Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

  • Review of Transport Canada's Area Risk Assessment Methodology for Informing Ship-Source Spill Response (on behalf of 30 First Nations of the Lower Fraser River) - Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

  • Stream habitat assessment guide for monitoring fisheries habitat in Fraser River tributaries (LFFA)- Lower Fraser River

  • Trans Mountain Expansion Project (review for Kwikwetlem First Nation) - Lower Mainland

  • Trans Mountain Expansion Project (Reviews for Metro Vancouver and City of New Westminster) - Lower Mainland

  • Mapping of Sensitive Habitat and Species within the Kwikwetlem First Nation's Asserted Territory (KFN) - Lower Mainland

  • Review of Risk Assessment for Canada's Federal Spill Response Plan Enhancements (LFFA) - W. Canada

  • Statistical Analysis of Coastal Gillnet Waterbird Bycatch Risk (Environment Canada) - Prince Rupert

  • Evaluation of Effectiveness of LLEMB Governance (Vancouver Island University) - Gulf Islands

  • Vaseux Bighorn Wildlife Area Planning (Environmen and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)/Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS)) - Okanagan

  • Eagle Mountain- Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project (Review for Tsleil-Waututh Nation) - North Vancouver

  • Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance Chinook Traditional Knowledge Project (LFFA/First Nations of the Lower Fraser Basin) - Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley

  • Galore Creek Mine Project (Teck/NovaGold) - NW BC

  • Northwest Transmission Line Project (BC Hydro) - Terrace

  • Kitsault Mine Project (Avanti) - Prince Rupert

  • Mount Klappan Mine Project (Fortune Minerals) - Iskut

  • Kutcho Creek Mine Project (Western Keltic) - Dease Lake

  • Turnagain Mine Project (Hard Creek Nickel) - Dease Lake

  • Davidson Project (Blue Pearl Mining Inc.) - Smithers

  • Kwoiek Hydroelectric Project (Kwoiek Creek Resources Ltd. Partnership)- Lytton

  • Advising on Wildlife-Friendly landform berm design that can be used for ungulate movement (BGC Engineering)-BC

  • Prince Rupert LNG (BG Group/Stantec)- Surveys of east, central, and northwest BC

  • Lelu Island Wildlife Surveys for LGN Plant (Stantec) - NW BC

  • Jamie Creek Hydroelectric Project (Sequoia)- Goldbridge

  • Baseline Wildlife Program for Phantom Lake Power (Enmax)-District of Seschelt

  • New Afton Mine Project (New Gold)- Thompson Valley

  • Kerr-Sulphurets- Mitchell (KSM) Mine Project (Seabridge Gold)- Stewart

  • Gething Mine Project (CKD Mines) - Hudson’s Hope

  • Quottoon Hydro Project (Sequoia) - Prince Rupert

  • Upper Lilloet Hydro Project (Innergex) - Lillooet

  • Culliton Creek Hydro Project (Veresen) - Squamish

  • Furry Creek Hydro Project (Veresen) - Horseshoe Bay

  • Baseline Wildlife Program Analysis for Clowhom Hydroelectric Project (Hydromax) -Seschelt

  • Over 50 Land Development Plans and Projects Across BC and the Islands

  • Mountain Beaver Range Mapping (Defence Construction Canada) - Chilliwack, BC

  • 15 MW Wind Energy Project (MKI) - Merritt

  • Pre-construction Wildlife Surveys (Various Clients) -throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Zoetica Project Maps_BC.png


  • Standing offer list for wildlife research and management advisory services (2019-2022) (Government of Nunavut)

  • Standing offer list for environmental protection consulting services (2018-2020)

  • Hackett River Mine Project (Xstrata) - Kitikmeot Region

  • Hope Bay Mine Project (TMAC, KIA Reviews) - Kitikmeot Region

  • Ferguson Mine Project (Starfield Resources) - Kivalliq Region

  • High Lake Mine Project (MMG, KIA Reviews) - Kitikmeot Region

  • Doris North Mine Project (TMAC) - Kitikmeot Region

  • Bathurst Inlet Port and Road Project (Nuna Logistics) - Kitikmeot Region

  • Back River Mine Project (Sabina, KIA Reviews) - Kitikmeot Region

  • Phase II Hope Bay Project (TMAC, KIA Reviews) - Kitikmeot Region

  • Eqe Bay Exploration Project Review (Baffinland) - QIA

  • Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan Review and Recommendations (NSMA)

Zoetica Project Maps_5Nu.png

Northwest Territories

  • Standing offer list for general environmental consulting services (2019-2020) - Government of NWT

  • Boreal Caribou Range Planning Framework Review and Recommendations (NSMA) - NT1 Range of the NWT

  • Diavik Kimberlite Storage and Closure Plan Review (NSMA) - Lac de Gras, NWT

  • Bathurst Caribou Harvest Management Review and Recommendations (NSMA)

  • Bathurst Caribou Range Planning Review and Recommendations (NSMA)

  • Species at Risk Mitigation Guides (Government of NWT) - Across NWT

  • Giant Mine Remediation Review (NSMA) - City of Yellowknife, NWT

  • Ekati Diamond Mine Project (BHP Biliton) - NWT

  • Talston Hydroelectric Project (Deze Energy) - NWT

  • Government Standing Offers

  • Jay Pipe Project (Dominion Diamonds, KIA Review) - NWT

  • Tłı̨chǫ All Weather Road (North Slave Métis Alliance- Review)-NWT

  • eDNA Training Course (North Slave Métis Alliance)- NWT

  • AFSAR Project for Metabarcoding for Species Diversity (North Slave Métis Alliance/Spygen/Zoetica)-NWT

Yukon Territories

  • Eagle Gold Mine Project (Victoria Gold; EIA review for Na-Cho Nyak Dun First Nation) - Mayo

Zoetica Project Maps_4NWT.png


  • Jansen Potash Mine Project (BHP Billiton) - Jansen

  • Boulder and Young Potash Mine Project (BHP Biliton) - Yorkton


  • Review of North Corridor Expansion Project: Impacts on Caribou (Dene Tha' First Nation) - Northeast Alberta (North of Peace River)

  • (TROLS) Terrestrial Organisms Lakes and Streams Project (Wayerhauser, ALPAC, U of A) - Northern AB

  • Wildlife Monitoring Survey around Foster Creek Oil and Gas - Cold Lake

  • Optimization of Amphibian Monitoring Program in Waterton National Park using Occupancy Power Analysis (Parks Canada) - S. Alberta

Zoetica Project Maps_2.png

Manitoba and Ontario

  • Baseline Wildlife Program for Alternatives Assessment for All Weather Road (Marten Falls)- Far North of Ontario (Phase 1)

  • Baseline Wildlife Program for Alternatives Assessment for All Weather Road from Marten Falls to the Ring of Fire mining district - Far North of Ontario (Phase 2)

  • Review of Energy East Project for Impacts to Wildlife, Soils, and Vegetation (Shared Values Solutions/28 First Nations of Grand Council Treaty 3) - Western Ontario and Eastern Manitoba


  • Documentary Series (Rotating Planet) - Montreal

 New Brunswick

  • Sisson Brook Mine Project (Geodex) - Nashwaak Valley


Zoetica Project Maps_3.png


  • Monterde Gold/Silver Mine Project (Kimber Resources) - Chihuahua State

Zoetica Project Maps_6.png

 Dominican Republic

  • Pueblo Viejo Mine Project (Barrick Gold) - Pueblo Viejo

  • Pueblo Viejo Transmission Line Project and Alternatives Analysis (Barrick Gold) - Santo Domingo to Pueblo Viejo


Zoetica Project Maps_7.png