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Zoetica Environmental Research Services is a full spectrum environmental consulting firm, with in-house expertise in Terrestrial Sciences, Environmental Impact Assessment, Biostatistics, Land Use, Toxicology, and TK. Zoetica also consists of ZoeticaNet Associates in Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, Engineering, Statistics, Planning, Mapping, Social Scientists (the Human Environment), and Legal Information Providers (Aboriginal and Environmental Lawyers) . When you hire Zoetica on a project, you get the added bonus of having your project hosted on and being provided free access to the ZoeticaNet system and online boardroom. This new project management system allows you, and us, to work together on joint documents, track the progress of your project, assign tasks and milestones, and to access expert feedback and advice, and to share information in real-time. Over 249 senior-level scientists at the forefront of their disciplines are now signed up with the ZoeticaNet system, giving us ease of access to the leading experts in over 28 disciplines. Zoetica also enables you to solicit answers from the leading experts across disciplines from the comfort of your own home via the ZOETICANET question and answer system. 


Our Team and Partners


Our Team

Dr. Heather Bears, MSc, PhD, R.P. Bio


Dr. Bears is the founder of Zoetica Environmental Consulting Services, and its sister company Zoetica Wildlife Research Services Inc. With over 15 years of experience, she is a technical expert in wildlife and wildlife habitat, genotoxicity in fish, biostatistics, and population modelling. She is a systems thinker, interdisciplinary enthusiast, and the brains behind the ZoeticaNet concept. She is highly adept at orchestrating large, interdisciplinary scientific teams for tackling EIAs, reviews, and for solving research problems where solutions exist between disciplines. She has a working understanding of most scientific disciplines, and can recognize how to utilize and combine the skills and knowledge of specialists to arrive at solutions. For more information click here.

Celia Chui, BSc, MSc

chopper celia.jpg

Celia is an innovative ecological and molecular consultant. She has 5 years of applied research experience and 6 years of experience working in a BC Centre for Excellence Lab. Ms. Chui is well versed in survey protocols and best practices, identification of vertebrates by sight (and sound for birds), field work and data collection for wildlife and fish research, and analysing data. Since starting at Zoetica, Celia has been instrumental in conducting research for ESIA reviews of major infrastructure projects, and in conducting research for regional ecosystem planning in the face of climate change. Ms. Chui has complimentary expertise in next-generation gene sequencing (metabarcoding), which may soon have applications in environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis for passive detection of rare species in the environment, and for examining wildlife DNA periodicity within Arctic ice core samples.

Kim Pearson, MSc, P.Bio


Kim has worked in the conservation field for over 17 years. She earned a M.Sc. at the University of Lethbridge and a B.Sc. at the University of Alberta and is a Professional Biologist (Alberta Society of Professional Biologists). For ten years she collaborated on stewardship, community engagement and public education efforts with the Nature Conservancy of Canada's Waterton Park Front Project, one of the largest private land conservation efforts in Canada. She has consulted for industry on First Nations reserves, prepared baseline documentation reports for a private Alberta land trust, and completed species at risk reports and plans, wildlife monitoring and project management for provincial and federal governments. She is a member of the board of directors of the Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association.

Hongkang Lin, MSc


Hongkang an aquatic toxicologist, with a specialization in the toxic effects of diluted bitumen on fish. He has professional experience in environmental contamination issues with particular expertise in aquatic toxicology, contaminant fate and transport, and ecological risk assessment. Hongkang’s recent work with Zoetica has primarily focused on risk and impact assessment related to oil spills and potential contaminant exposures. The assessments are part of the regulatory review processes associated with developmental activities in oil & gas and linear infrastructure (i.e., pipeline) industries.

Luke Halpin, M.R.M. R.P. Bio, PhD Cand.


Luke is an applied wildlife biologist with expert skills in wildlife research and over 10 years of experience. He is a multi-disciplinary biologist, but specializes in avian ecology. Luke has worked on applied wildlife monitoring programs and research projects in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Japan.  He frequently conducts pelagic seabird monitoring and research to assess marine distribution and movement patterns of seabirds in the central and North Pacific, Atlantic and in the Arctic; and terrestrial bird research in several types of ecosystems throughout North America. Luke also specializes in the design and execution of terrestrial acoustic monitoring studies for colonial seabirds, cryptic birds (e.g. owls, rails, common nighthawk, common nightjar). He is a team worker who enjoys collaboration and delivers high quality results.

Dr. Andrea Buckman, MSc, PhD, R.P.Bio, P.Bio


Dr. Buckman is a senior ecologist and toxicologist with expertise in aquatic and marine biology, marine mammal genomics, terrestrial ecology, and biostatistics. She has extensive experience producing environmental effects assessments, cumulative effects assessments, mitigation and monitoring plans, baseline reports, and designing research studies. Dr. Buckman also excels in managing scientific teams, leading large projects, and maintaining relationships with clients. She has built strong relationships with government scientists, salmon hatcheries, First Nations, sport fisheries, and other stakeholders. She has over 15 years of experience in research, consulting, and project management.

Xavier Sandoval, BSc, A.Sc.T


Mr. Sandoval is a knowledgeable and skilled site investigations and site-specific environmental assessment expert with additional background in field sampling, hazardous materials surveying, and analytical chemistry. He brings over 10 years of experience managing, designing, coordinating, and implementing Phase I and II ESAs. He has an in-depth knowledge of Provincial and Federal environmental regulations as they relate to contaminated sites and is able to collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams on large contaminated sites projects.


Jim Allen, BSc, M.Pl., M.C.I.P., R.P.P., R.P.Bio.

Mr. Allen is a senior environmental planner and conservation biologist with 22 years of experience in natural resource management and environmental consulting across Canada. Mr. Allen has a unique skill set, as he is both a professional biologist and a registered professional planner. Therefore, he is able to take complex biological information and use it to design landscape management plans that optimize multi-stakeholder interests and conservation values. Many of his projects have involved developing tools for mapping and land use planning for conservation, as well as maintaining and restoring natural ecosystems and processes. He has also managed community and stakeholder engagement efforts for many projects. Mr. Allen has a strong background in bird and habitat conservation and has conducted many reviews of pipeline and mining projects  with Zoetica, particularly with regard to the impacts of these projects on vegetation due to dusting, changes in surface hydrology, impacts to soil pH, and impacts of climate change on vegetation. 

+ 245 Senior Level Experts, with a Master's or PhD in 28 Disciplines, anD GROWING.....


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